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I am going to attempt to share, we’ll see if it bites me on the ass again.

I bought this yesterday, and I can’t decide on whether I like it more with or without the belt. What do you think?

  1. soapytitwank said: The design is a bit full-on for me but the belt breaks it up nicely into sections my puny male brain can process.
  2. jrphotographybc said: You look lovely
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    That dress is beautiful and I’d like to know where it’s from???
  4. confessionsofanoncomformist said: Belt!
  5. lustfullivvie said: Perhaps a wider belt. It would put the focus more on your waist and less on your fabulous chest.
  6. nomnomchubby said: With, is my vote
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  8. tajasithebomb said: definately with
  9. transgalacticwanderer said: Both wats are gorgeous, but I’d have to say the belt defines your figure nicely and looks wonderful! <3
  10. anexperimentinprogress said: I like the belt because it emphasizes your figure but I’m going to go with no belt because I think it looks more cute that way.
  11. mynameisirl said: with belt also
  12. lividdreaming said: either way you look fantastic, but i love it with the belt
  13. llcooljasonalexander said: With!
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