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What you will find here: body positivity (and lots of it!); curves (of all different shapes and sizes - including my own); acceptance; tv shows; movies; songs; celebrities; humor; nature; art; and anything else that tickles my fancy. It's been known to get a little NSFW up in here, so be warned. Submissions are more than welcome (keep em tasteful!), asks are encouraged.

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The reason I am posting this is because I believe in honesty. Honestly, I was starting to feel like a hypocrite posting pictures of half naked beautiful women and celebrating their confidence and their bodies, while refusing to share my own. So here it is. This is the bravest, most uncovered picture I have ever posted. I consulted with a few trusted people before deciding to post this. I am well aware the type of attention it will most likely attract, but if I can get through to at least one person that your body is not something that you have to hide and be ashamed of, then it’s all worth it. I love my body, I love my tummy, my hips, my breasts, my thighs. I adore myself, and I don’t want to be afraid to open up for the fear of the creeps that will oversexualize my love for myself. You can if you want to, but I’m not going to let that hold me back from sharing my love of my body with the people who genuinely care, and who look to me for support. So here it is.

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    You have to be be proud of yourself for what you did! Everybody is entitled to there opinion! Honestly you owned that...
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