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What you will find here: body positivity (and lots of it!); curves (of all different shapes and sizes - including my own); acceptance; tv shows; movies; songs; celebrities; humor; nature; art; and anything else that tickles my fancy. It's been known to get a little NSFW up in here, so be warned. Submissions are more than welcome (keep em tasteful!), asks are encouraged.

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I feel picture needs to be posted. Not because there’s boobs, not because it’s half naked, but because it’s real. I shows my stretch marks, it shows my tummy that isn’t ripped, or tight, and has a little pooch.

Over the last few weeks I have been really hard on myself, for a list of reasons. This picture is important to me. It reminds me that I don’t have to look a certain way to be beautiful. As long as I’m happy, and I see myself as beautiful - that’s all that matters. You can take this picture however you want to; you can scoff at it, you can drool over it, you can look right past it without a second glance, but the only thing matters here is that I think I’m beautiful. Somedays it comes easy, and somedays I have to remind myself constantly.. but the most important part is that I never forget.

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